Why Choose Erie County PA for your Business Expansions, Relocation or Start-up?




Erie County PA offers direct access to an extensive network of major roads and highways, Pennsylvania’s only Great Lakes port, easy access to regional and international airports, numerous railroads, and intermodal transportation. Fiber optic broadband now reaches more than 90% of the county and growing. This kind of global connectivity enables endless opportunities to thrive, and you can work remotely from any area of the County!



Erie County is perfectly positioned to meet the diversity of investor criteria & needs that enables investing with confidence in our region. 50% of the nation’s population is located within 500 miles of Erie – an 8 hour drive. With downtown Erie seeing over $500,000,000 in recent investments (new buildings, museums, food halls, apartments, and infrastructure) , expansive community amenities including our amazing Bayfront, and a strong, diverse economy rich in opportunity, Erie County is primed for investment.



Erie County has numerous sectors anchored in the region’s economy.  Erie is home to a Fortune 500 Insurance company, Erie Insurance, and the related eco-system of service providers, technology companies and related firms is growing. Additionally, education, healthcare, and tourism industries are world-class and growing. We are deeply rooted in traditional manufacturing including locomotives, forges, and hundreds of machine shops. In addition to being an agriculture hub with thousands of acres of grapes, our strengths in plastics, mold making, and applied technologies are also amongst our region’s distinct advantages.



Erie County understands that access to skilled and experienced talent is essential for every investor. Our region offers a wide range of skills training from PA’s newest community college, 4 outstanding academic universities, and America’s largest medical school, LECOM.  Working closely with employment service agencies, we can connect your investment interests to the right talent team.

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