Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority

The Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority oversees the regional mass transit system in Erie County. The authority’s nine-member Board of Directors consists of members appointed by Erie County and the City of Erie.

Authority Members

Of the nine members, five are appointed by the County Executive, with the advice and consent of County Council, with county appointments coming from districts outside the City of Erie. Four members are appointed by the Erie Mayor, with the advice and consent of City Council. Members serve five-year terms.

County appointees:

  • Ashley Lawson (Board Chair)
  • Lyn Twillie-Darby (Treasurer & Secretary)

City appointees:

  • Jessica Molczan (Vice Chair)
  • Ben Wilson
  • Dylanna Grasinger
  • George Willis
  • Shantel Hillard

The authority meets the last Monday of the month at 4:30 p.m.. Meetings are open to the public. More can be learned at 


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