Government Services and Grant Administrations

Erie Area Council of Governments Implementation of Tri-County Fire & EMS Plan ($50,000)
Since 2018, the Erie Area Council of Governments has been working alongside the Erie County Department of Public Safety to lead the Erie County Fire and EMS Recruitment and Retention Committee, the role of which is to address the crisis facing fire and emergency medical services through development of a sustainable emergency services plan that ensures high quality emergency services are available to all Erie County residents. With funds received from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, Erie, Crawford, and Warren Counties have joined together to engage two peer consultants to study and make recommendations for a countywide and cross-county approach to the delivery of fire and emergency medical services. Funds are allocated to support implementation of the resulting Tri-County Fire & EMS Plan.

Erie County Community College Tuition Coverage and Barrier Reduction ($1,750,000)
The Erie County Community College of PA (EC3PA) is enrolling students for its inaugural class in July 2021. EC3PA offers associate’s degree and technical skills certificate programs that provide education and training at an affordable price for available and emerging jobs that do not require a baccalaureate degree.  In addition, the college provides the education many students need to succeed in a four-year program, as well as an affordable option for the first two years of college for those seeking a bachelor’s degree. To ensure the opportunity to attend EC3PA is available to all residents of Erie County, regardless of income, these funds are providing full tuition coverage for any Erie County resident enrolled. Removing the financial barrier of tuition is especially important as the college works towards accreditation, during which time federal aid is not available students. Funds are also being provided to reduce barriers for students, not related to tuition, which may prevent a student from attending or completing college. These barriers include, but are not limited to, transportation, temporary childcare, medical needs, school supplies, and technology. This investment is helping to ensure success for students enrolled at EC3PA.

Erie County Convention Center Authority ($2,000,000)
The Erie County Convention Center Authority, which maintains and operates the Bayfront Convention Center, UPMC Park (athletic field), Erie Insurance Arena, and the historic Warner Theatre, experienced a revenue shortfall of more than $12.5 million over the last 18 months due to mandated closures. Funds are supporting ongoing operations of the Authority.

Erie County Pleasant Ridge Manor Nursing Care Facility ($2,700,000)
Pleasant Ridge Manor is a county-owned skilled nursing facility located on a 25-acre estate on West Ridge Road. The facility provides 24-hour nursing care for short-term stays and long-term skilled nursing care. It experienced a revenue shortfall over the last 18 months due to circumstances created by the COVID-19 public health crisis. Funds are supporting ongoing operations of the Pleasant Ridge Manor.

Erie County Facilities and Operations ($292,000)
Facilities and Operations is prioritizing necessary building maintenance at the Public Defender’s Office (roof replacement) and Erie County Courthouse (replacement of fire pump, a device that boosts water through the fire suppression system so that water reaches the sprinklers on the upper floors; monthly inspections of the existing pump show declining performance). Both projects are critical and support Erie County government’s delivery of services to the public.

Professional/Consulting Fees ($35,000)
Erie County is contracting with two consulting firms, one specializing in financial oversight and the other in program development and implementation, to assist in the administration of its CSLFRF monies.

Erie County Community Futures Center ($280,000)
Erie County is proposing to create a 12–18-month economic recovery initiative, the focus of which will be to plan for, prioritize, and coordinate federal relief and recovery investments. The initiative will be led by an executive-level task force, made up of leaders from the public, private, and civic sectors, that will establish a clear set of plans and priorities and maximize the speed and effectiveness of the post-COVID recovery. As this effort will require dedicated energies, the intent is to hire up to three executive-level local recovery fellows who will enhance the capacity of the County and its partners to design, finance and deliver transformative revitalization.