National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

Every year during the second week of April is National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. This week is meant to celebrate and thank the unseen heroes who dedicate their life to serving our community. We would like to take this week to show everyone their hard work and dedication to provide safety and security to Erie County.

Public Safety Telecommunicators are the voice of reason, they take control in an emergency to get the right kind of help to the right location, sometimes while providing lifesaving instructions. They answer the call every minute of every day to ensure that you receive the help you need in an emergency.

Our staff works around the clock, including holidays. They often miss celebrating holidays, family functions and school activities. Many are working while most of us are asleep. They are the lifeline between someone who needs help and those that respond.

The job of telecommunicators is complicated: They are the first point of contact in an emergency. Their job can be exciting, rewarding and fulfilling but at the same time can also be stressful, exhausting and forgotten by so many.

Thank you to our amazing telecommunications staff! Their job can be thankless, and they all deserve a week of recognition and honor.