Erie County Recycling cancels hazardous waste and electronic collection events

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 11, 2021

Lynn Armel

 Erie County Recycling cancels hazardous waste
and electronic collection events

Erie, PA – Erie County Recycling announces all county sponsored household hazardous waste (HHW) and E-waste collection events are canceled until further notice. This includes two events at 1624 Filmore Ave on November 13th and December 11th. Millcreek Police will be monitoring this location and illegal dumping will be prosecuted.

Erie County Recycling is working to secure a new contractor and location for future HHW and E-Waste collection events. The dates and locations for 2022 are to be determined. Please check for updates. When collections resume, they will continue to be open to all Erie County residents. Erie County Recycling appreciates our residents being good stewards to the environment and properly disposing of hazardous materials and electronics.

Alternatives for disposal of some HHW and E Waste:

Household Hazardous Waste

  • Latex paint can be combined with cat litter or newspaper (1 parts paint to 1 part litter or paper) until it is dry, and then thrown out with the regular trash.
  • Used oil is accepted at many local auto parts stores. Please check with your location before bringing your oil.

Electronic Recycling

  • Best Buy accepts some small electronic items. Pennsylvania Best Buy stores no longer accept computer monitors and televisions. For specific details, check out the Best Buy Electronics and Appliances Recycling page or call Best Buy at 814-860-8487. Some items are accepted for free, others may require the purchase of a new item or a small fee.
  • Goodwill will provide free drop-off recycling of used computer equipment. Drop-offs are accepted at Goodwill’s locations in Summit Towne Center, on West 26th Street or on Nagle Road.
  • Staples will accept some electronic items. These items will be accepted for free, limited to seven items per person. For information, see the Staples Recycling page or call Staples at 814-868-4901. Staples does not accept televisions.
  • Penelec will take working refrigerators and freezers when you purchase a new one. For more information see the Appliance Turn-In Program.



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