Erie County Public Library begins study for future Millcreek Library


Sheryl Thomas

Erie, PA – Erie County Public Library announces Bostwick Design Partnership as facilitator in completing a feasibility study for the new Millcreek Branch Library.

A Keystone Planning Grant was awarded to Erie County Public Library in November 2020 to fund a study that will inform the future of the Millcreek Branch Library. Bostwick has performed consulting work for Erie County Public Library on past projects such as the Blasco Library’s phased renovations.

The firm will provide a series of deliverables based on public input, community studies, and cost estimations that will detail the best option for a future library’s placement, facility type, and degree of services offered. The study is also expected to consider new construction versus acquisition and modification to existing properties.

The Millcreek Branch Library currently resides in leased space within the Millcreek Mall Pavilion — the only leased facility of the library’s five locations. The branch is the second busiest location, trailing behind only the library’s flagship location on Erie’s Bayfront.

“We have an opportunity to assess the Millcreek community’s needs with our lease coming to an end in 2025,” says Blane Dessy, director of the Erie County Public Library. “The Millcreek Mall location is ideal for foot traffic, but the library is quickly outgrowing our space. Through completion of this planning grant, the community can help inform their future public library: what location will serve the most residents, what types of services should be offered, and what facility will best meet their needs. It’s a very exciting opportunity and we’re looking forward to undertaking this process with Bostwick.”

“Bostwick Design Partnership’s role in the project will be to assist Erie County with shaping the future vision for the Millcreek Branch of the Erie County Public Library,” says David Brennan, director of Bostwick Design Partnership’s Erie Office. “Our design team will deliver a study that clearly defines the needs, the service and facility response, and the probable cost in a way that effectively informs Erie County leadership and gains community support. Our first task will be to lead a discovery stage, which includes soliciting feedback from key constituencies including library staff, stakeholders, supporters, residents, and Erie County leadership.”

Patrons and supporters are encouraged to watch for future news on this development including opportunities to provide their input on the future of Millcreek Branch Library.


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