Erie County Public Library announces artist to complete pedestal design

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 15, 2020

Blane Dessy

Erie, PA – The Erie County Public Library announces Adam Stempka of MetalHeads USA as the winning artist of its Minerva Pedestal Design competition. The competition was announced in early 2020 with an RFQ process that solicited artists’ qualifications through the end of February. Because of the pandemic-related closure, the competition was paused, and then resumed recently with the selection of two final artists to submit designs for consideration by the Minerva Selection Committee.

“Mr. Stempka’s initial concept blends the mystery and elegance of the Minerva statue with elements of wisdom, commerce and handicrafts that were attributed to the Roman goddess,” said Dr. Judith Lynch, Minerva Selection Committee chair. “We are thrilled to be working with such a talented artist to honor Minerva’s legacy at Erie County Public Library. Seeing Minerva on her pedestal should bring back many pleasant memories to those who frequented the library in Perry Square with their family and friends.”

To make this project an exhibit that is relevant to all patrons, the artist will embark on a community engagement campaign to gather input that will inform the pedestal’s design. An introductory video and community questions can be found on the Erie County Public Library Facebook page @ErieLibrary and at

Upon receipt, the design concept will incorporate public feedback and be presented to the Minerva Selection Committee. Once approved, the designs will be presented to the public and fabrication will commence in collaboration with Gene Davis Sales & Services of Erie.

Based on a community survey, the statue will be permanently installed on the first floor of the Blasco Library. Until the pedestal is complete and the statue installed, Minerva can be found in the Michele Ridge Galleria on the second floor of Blasco Library. Restorations of the Minerva statue are nearing completion. The entire project including fabrication and installation of the pedestal is scheduled to be completed by January 2021. For more information about the statue and its history with Erie County Public Library, please visit the In The News section of


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