Erie County Department of Public Safety launches new mobile app for first responders


John Grappy

Erie, PA – The Erie County Department of Public Safety has launched a new mobile application called CrewForce, which aids first responders who are responding to an emergency by providing access to mission-critical information in real time.

CrewForce provides a vital connection between first responders and the dispatch center by extending dispatch functionality onto the devices. The app also enhances contextual awareness by providing users with the role-based information when it is needed most.

While en route to a location, first responders using the CrewForce app will be able to view information such as:

  • building floorplans, entrances, and owner contact information
  • location alerts for hydrants and hazardous materials on site
  • Google Street View capabilities, enhancing situational awareness before their arrival
  • Estimated arrival time of other units responding to the scene

“First responders will be able to receive information, real-time data, that is both valuable and critical based, such as building floor plans, location alerts, hydrant information and turn-by-turn driving directions while they are en route to an emergency,” said John Grappy, director of the Erie County Department of Public Safety. “During heavy call volumes like severe weather situations, first responders will be able to view pending and active calls-for-service and change unit status – en route, on scene, or otherwise – which is reflected in our computer-aided dispatch system.”

The Erie County Department of Public Safety through the Northern Tier Regional Consortium has secured funding for the software licenses and recurring maintenance costs associated with the mobile app.

Departments will be financially responsible for any hardware (tablets, smartphones, etc.) or network connectivity costs (broadband, mobile hot spot, etc.) associated with use of the mobile apps.


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