Erie County Data Center

The Data Center, which provides up-to-date information on Erie County’s workforce, facilities, logistics, industry trends and more, is a new resource that interested business owners and entrepreneurs can use in making decisions on whether to locate to or expand in Erie County.

The Erie County Data Center is a cutting-edge tool that will serve as an exciting new layer in our overall economic development ecosystem. This valuable resource will help attract new businesses to our region by putting all of the vital data they need in one easily accessible place. And as a bonus, it also will help inform the efforts of our existing businesses and entrepreneurs, to help them flourish and grow.

Erie County Data Center of Erie County Department of Economic Development is an economic development research arm for Erie County, local municipalities, partners, businesses, and other stakeholders. Erie County Data Center was created in 2018 to offer research, analytics, and spatial intelligence services for a wide range of local, regional, and national decision makers. Erie County Data Center offers:

  • Online portal that acts as the regional economic development showcase tool, offering the first-touch data for those looking at Erie’s regional industry and workforce information and providing contact information for regional economic development partners, i.e., Erie County Economic Development Department and Erie County Redevelopment Authority.
  • Economic impact analysis that examines effects of events on the economy in a specified area, typically through direct investment, new employment, or increased wages.
  • Local and nationwide commercial property inventory that shows properties on or off the market, as well as, provides performance analyses for sales and rental markets for any market segment.
  • GIS analysis that uses spatial intelligence to examine the interaction of geographic data to make informed decisions.
  • Other data services that utilizes subscription to the best economic and labor databases and closes informational gaps to support economic development.

Why Choose Erie County for your Business Expansion, Relocation or Start-up?


For more information or to request a quote, please contact Tatiana Bogatova, MBA, Ph.D., Data Center and GIS Team Administrator at 814-451-7644 or