Erie County announces no new confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 and outlines priorities


Melissa J. Dixon

Erie, PA – County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper today announced that no new confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Erie County. Contact tracing by Erie County Department of Health continues.

The public is reminded that if they do not personally hear from a public health nurse, they are not a close contact of an individual who has been confirmed to have COVID-19.

“The way we stay ahead of the spread is to assume that everyone you come in contact with has COVID-19,” Dahlkemper said. “Keep your distance of at least six feet. Stay at home. Wash your hands and practice personal hygiene.”

Today the County Executive also spoke directly to families and seniors:

“Thank you to all the families for all you are doing and sacrificing to protect our community. We understand how heartbreaking it is for families who are separated from one another right now. We acknowledge how difficult it must be for our elders living in senior living facilities and nursing homes who are not allowed to have any visitors at this time. We see you. We hear you. We virtually embrace you. You are our pillars and, if you aren’t already, please be our prayer warriors. The one thing everyone can do is pray.”

Dahlkemper outlined three priorities Erie County is focusing on simultaneously:

  1. Managing the stay-at-home order and contact tracing
  2. Flattening the curve so that Erie County doesn’t get the number of confirmed positive cases that other counties are experiencing
  3. Expanding hospital capacity so that if and when Erie County sees a surge in the community, there are enough patient beds and caretakers to care for those who need it.

Dahlkemper and John Grappy, director of Erie County Department of Public Safety, also thanked Erie County’s first responders for all they do for residents every day and expressed the importance of keeping them safe while they tend to community emergencies.

“Erie County Department of Public Safety/911 utilizes an adopted dispatch protocol system, established by the International Academy of Emergency Dispatch with guidance provided by the local medical director,” Grappy said. “Through the call interrogation process, if the information provided by the caller or patient meets the criteria, our first responders – EMS, Fire or Law Enforcement – will be advised to utilize ‘respiratory precautions’ prior to their arrival. To protect the privacy of the individual, sensitive information will be provided over the phone prior to their arrival.”

For more information related to COVID-19, visit and the social media accounts for Erie County, Pa., and Erie County Department of Health.


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