Erie County Administration seeking candidates for Erie County Community College Board of Trustees


Melissa J. Dixon

Application deadline: Friday, July 17, 2020

Email resumes and any supporting materials to

Erie, PA – The Erie County Administration is seeking candidates for consideration to the board of trustees of the Erie County Community College (ECCC). The dedication, knowledge, expertise and diversity of this initial board of trustees is absolutely essential to the long-term success of the college.


  1. Candidate must have a bachelor’s degree; advanced degree is preferable.
  2. Candidate must bring a vision and understanding of the community college as it relates to the local educational system and within the context of all higher education in the region and state.
  3. Candidate must bring a wealth of knowledge from his/her career in fields of study identified in the ECCC plan.
  4. Candidate must have a strong desire to advocate for the ECCC mission, goals and objectives, as well as funding opportunities at the local, state and national level.
  5. Candidate must have the ability to dedicate a significant amount of personal time, particularly in the first two years of the startup of the ECCC, to the work of this Board of Trustee position. Active participation is essential and expected.
  6. Candidate must have strong knowledge of the region’s target industry workforce needs.
  7. Candidate must be committed to meeting the workforce needs of the business community while equipping graduates with employable qualifications.
  8. Candidate must be able to contribute to a board consensus while respecting a diversity of opinion and free exchange of ideas.
  9. Candidate must have a well-rounded perspective that will allow the diverse population of Erie County to be effectively served. Candidate must be motivated to serve the entire Erie County community, its residents and students of the ECCC.
  10. Candidate must be committed to trustee professional development.


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