Erie County administers safe, fair and accurate election; power restored at polling places


Douglas R. Smith

Erie, PA – County leaders and elections officials are administering a safe, fair and accurate election. In an unprecedented election year, local elections officials assure all voters that, though a final count may take longer than previous election years, all votes will be counted.

“I am proud of the integrity and dedication of our poll workers in Erie County,” said Doug Smith, Erie County Clerk of Elections. “They are working diligently under extraordinarily difficult circumstances. Today’s turnout has been very high with long lines and we appreciate everyone’s patience. I was hopeful for a truly American day of voting and it is happening.”

With a substantial increase in early voting and voting by mail this year, Erie County asks voters and the media to be patient regarding the timeline of announcing election results. Election officials advise that delayed results do not indicate a problem or compromise accuracy.

Preserving the integrity and security of elections is a top priority for county officials, and Erie County is complying with local, state and federal election guidance, laws and regulations. Erie County has trained over 900 poll workers at 149 polling locations to ensure they are well-equipped to assist voters and protect against fraud and potential security threats.

Temporary power outages took place on the east side of Erie County, disrupting polling procedures for approximately five minutes early this evening. Generators were activated, and power was fully restored in most locations within minutes. No votes were affected.

Locations affected included:

  • Greater Calvary Baptist Church
  • Gannon Zurn
  • Holy Trinity Social Center
  • Booker T. Washington Center
  • McKinley Elementary School
  • Perry Elementary School

America’s counties work tirelessly to ensure the security and integrity of the election process. Counties defend against cyberattacks and traditional security threats. After the election, counties secure vote tallies, audit the election and safeguard voter information.

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