Sheriff John Loomis

Erie County Sheriff John Loomis
Sheriff John Loomis

Hello, I am Erie County Sheriff John Loomis.

I was first elected in 2013 and sworn into office in 2014. Since that time, my staff and I have worked to make Erie County a better and safer place to live.

Under my command, the Sheriff’s Office has been involved with UnifiedErie, a gang and violence reduction initiative, and the Police Athletic League, which builds bonds between our youth and law enforcement officers. We also attend Neighborhood Watch meetings throughout the county to help residents make their neighborhoods safer for their children and families.

With primary duties dedicated to the courts, our responsibilities extend to serving civil process and warrants. Warrants are generated from criminal, non-support and the probation departments. They also include serving Protection From Abuse orders and custody orders from the court. Deputies transport prisoners on a daily basis from the Erie County Prison to the courthouse for various court proceedings.

While running for office, I was determined to extend the School Resource Program, at which time only had four deputies in four districts. Currently, there are deputies in eight school districts across the county keeping our children safe as they learn.

The men and women of this office strive daily to provide a safe and friendly atmosphere in all the buildings where taxpayers go to conduct business.

Now that I am well into my second term, I know my staff will continue to supply the best service that the taxpayers of Erie County expect and deserve.

As in the past, my door is open to anyone with complaints or suggestions regarding this office.

Best regards,