District 6 – Scott R. Rastetter

Erie County Councilman Scott R. Rastetter
Councilman Scott R. Rastetter

Scott R. Rastetter has represented Erie County Council’s District 6 since 2018. He serves as County Council’s Finance Committee as Vice-Chairman, is a member of the Erie County Board of Elections, and Pleasant Ridge Manor Board of Trustees. Rastetter is a liaison for Children and Youth, Erie County Conservation District, Erie County Department of Drug and Alcohol, the Erie County Planning Department, and NWPA Job Connect.

As the owner of Scott’s Carpet Showcase, Rastetter brings decades of experience as a small-business owner to County Council. He worked to bring help to the citizens of his district hit by the pandemic through the elimination of late penalties on County and Local property taxes in 2020 and 2021. Rastetter also co-sponsored an effort to provide additional CARES Grant Funding to Volunteer Fire Departments in Erie County. Scott has been supportive in the implementation of the Blue Zone Initiatives in Corry and surrounding areas, a project that focuses on the well-being of community as a whole.

Rastetter has a deep interest in Erie County historical preservation and Education. He has also been a vocal advocate and supporter of the Erie County Community College. In order to increase his knowledge of County Government matters and to make valuable connections with policymakers across the Commonwealth, Scott has become an active member of the Pennsylvania County Commissioners Association. Rastetter lives in Washington Township.

About District 6

District 6 primarily covers southern and eastern Erie County: the City of Corry; the boroughs of Edinboro, Elgin, Union City, Waterford and Wattsburg; and Amity, Concord, Greenfield, LeBoeuf, Union, Venango, Washington, Waterford and Wayne townships.

The term expires in 2022.