District 4 – Carl Anderson III

Erie County Councilman Carl Anderson III
Councilman Carl Anderson III

Carl Anderson, III has represented Erie County Council’s District 4 since 2018. Mr. Anderson currently serves as the Chairman of County Council, Chairman of the Pleasant Ridge Manor Board of Directors, Chairman of the Erie County Retirement Board, and Co-Chair of the COVID Impact & Economic Revitalization Committee. Chairman Anderson is the liaison to the City of Erie, the Erie County Community College, the Erie County Convention Center Authority, Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority, ECRDA/All Related Boards, Erie Regional Chamber & Growth Partnership, Erie Western PA Port Authority, and VisitErie.

Anderson is a self-employed historical researcher and consultant and has been actively involved in a variety of community events and historical projects over the years, including the George Washington Park in Waterford, the World War I Centennial remembrance and the Empower Erie Board of Directors.

Anderson is passionate about economic development and revitalization of the community, saying, “Bringing jobs to Erie and creating an environment for economic development is critical for our community. I want to ensure we have a bright future here for our children and grandchildren.”

Anderson grew up on Erie’s east side, where he continues to live today. He is a graduate of Erie Tech Memorial and Mercyhurst University, where he earned a Contract Major Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and Political Science in 1992 and a BA in Education in 1993.

He joined Prudential Securities in 1995 as a financial adviser; from 1996 to 2005, he was the vice president for investments with Morgan Stanley. Since 2005, he has operated his own business, doing historical research and consulting. He is the country’s foremost expert in General Jacob Bayley, and he has authored and co-authored historical books and articles. Anderson also lectures on the American colonial and revolutionary eras, as well as Erie County history.

Anderson has dedicated much of his time on Erie County Council in advocating for opportunities for higher education through the creation of a standalone community college. He believes education in itself can be effective in reducing poverty levels, and he is committed in creating an environment where the County of Erie can thrive and grow as a community. In June of 2020, Anderson’s persistence paid off, and the Pennsylvania State Board of Education granted Erie County’s application for Community College.

Anderson and his wife, Evelyn, have two children, Carl IV and Autumn Rose.

About District 4

District 4 covers Erie’s 2nd Ward District 5; Erie’s 5th Ward Districts 3 through 10, 12 through 19, and 21; Wesleyville Borough District 2 (West District); and Millcreek Township Districts 1 and 21.

The term expires in 2022.

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