Sheriff Sale

The Erie County Sheriff’s Office Real Estate Division is responsible for documenting all fees received by the Sheriff’s Office for services performed. Funds are deposited with the Erie County Treasury at the end of each month. These fees are used to offset the operating cost of the Sheriff’s Office. This division has the responsibility of preparing all paperwork to list a property for a sheriff’s sale, distributing the proceeds, and preparing a deed once a sale has taken place. Generating the calendar schedule for the upcoming year and notifying the attorneys and the court of filing dates and dates of sale is also a duty of the Real Estate Division.

Erie County has real estate sales every month except December. The properties that are to be sold each month are advertised in the Erie Times-News and Erie County Legal Journal three successive Fridays prior to the date of sale. Each property has a writ number, which is listed in the advertisement. This number, together with the mortgage’s name, is used at the time the property is auctioned. The sheriff or the sheriff’s representative conducts the sale. The sales are normally held on a Friday at 10:00 a.m. in Central Court, Erie County Courthouse, 140 West Sixth Street, Erie, PA 16501-1077.

Contact the Real Estate Division at 814-451-6006 or 814-451-6008.

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