Parks, Trails and Recreation Plan

The Erie County Department of Planning and Community Development is proud to announce the adoption of the Erie County Parks, Trails and Recreation Plan as an element of the Erie County Comprehensive Plan. The comprehensive plan has no regulatory authority; however, it is important for policymaking and planning purposes, and is often referenced in support of grant applications.

The purpose of the plan is to set a new direction for the involvement of Erie County government in the planning and support of parks, trails and recreation throughout the county.

Specific actions relate to improving the health and well-being of county residents and its overall economy. The county will implement this plan through support in programming, funding and expert assistance to municipalities and organizations, based on focused priorities, as identified in the planning process under the following goals:

  • Build Capacity to Address Parks, Trails and Recreation in Erie County
  • Promote Health and Equity
  • Prioritize Projects of Regional Significance
  • Promote Erie County’s Parks, Trails and Recreational Assets

The Erie County Department of Planning and Community Development will play an important role in supporting our municipalities and agencies that own and operate recreational assets throughout Erie County.