Municipal GIS Services

Geographic Information System, or GIS, is an information system used to input, store, retrieve, modify, analyze, and output geospatial or geographically referenced information. Layers of information can be created for specific land areas in order to analyze the impacts of land use or measure the suitability of particular locations for new land uses. The Erie County Department of Planning and Community Development participates actively with other Erie County departments and with local, state, and federal agencies in exchanges of such information.

The Department of Planning and Community Development maintains an extensive collection of statistical and mapped geographic information, much of which is available both in paper and digital formats.

The Municpal GIS Outreach Program is a program instituted by the Erie County Department of Planning and Community Development to get GIS data in the hands of Erie County municipalities.

The program involves an initial install of a free GIS viewer and uploading of relevant GIS data to the municipality’s systems or networks. Because the data is stored locally on their own computer systems, there is no need for the municipality to rely on high-speed broadband to view data.

The municipalities are given data layers including:

  • Aerial imagery
  • Base mapping data
  • Zoning
  • FEMA flood zones
  • Contours
  • Assessment information
  • Public Safety information

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