Metropolitan Planning Organization


The Erie MPO performs federally required transportation planning in Erie County, Pennsylvania. The policy-making body of the Erie MPO is the Coordinating Committee, which is responsible for the transportation planning activities mandated in federal laws and regulations. The Coordinating Committee includes twenty-three (23) voting members from county and local governments, public agencies, and PennDOT. The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is a smaller, 18-member board, which provides comments and recommendations to the Coordinating Committee in an advisory role. not own or maintain any transportation infrastructure, so MPO members’ input is essential to facilitate integrated and informed decision-making.  Each committee meets quarterly.  All meetings are open to the public and will have time dedicated to public comment.  Upcoming meeting dates are listed below.  Previous meeting minutes since 1964 can be viewed at the Erie County Department of Planning and Community Development.  Minutes from 2015-2023 can be downloaded here.


Technical Advisory Committee meetings will begin at 10:00am and end by noon, both in-person and online. Attend in-person at the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority, 127 E 14th St., Erie , PA. 16503, or virtually at Call into the meeting at +1 (646) 931-3860 and use Meeting ID: 833-8717-8104.


Coordinating Committee meetings will begin at 10:00am and end by noon, both in-person and online. Attend in-person Summit Township’s Municipal Building, 1230 Townhall Road West, Erie, PA. 16509 or virtually at Call into the meeting at +1 (646) 931-3860 and use Meeting ID: 833-8717-8104.

  • Wednesday, February 14 – Held in-person at EMTA
  • Wednesday, June 26 – 2025-2028 Transportation Improvement Program vote
  • Wednesday, September 11
  • Wednesday, December 11


Meeting notices / Agendas will be emailed to voting members, alternatives, and interested area stakeholders as well  as posted on the Erie MPO webpage. Hard copies are available upon request by contacting Emily Aloiz, secretary of the MPO, at (814) 451-7325 or


Route 20 MPO Meeting


The Erie MPO is committed to compliance with the nondiscrimination requirements of applicable civil rights statutes, executive orders, regulations, and policies. With 10 day advance notification, accommodations may be provided for those with special needs related to language, sight, or hearing. If you speak another language, language assistance is available to you free of charge. If you have a request for a special accommodation, wish to file a Title VI complaint, or desire additional information, contact Emily Aloiz, 814-451-7325 (TTY: 814-451-6237) or email Meeting locations are accessible to persons with disabilities. If you wish to file an ADA complaint or request an accommodation, contact Kelly Ryan, 914-451-7064 (TTY: 814-451-6237) or email


The Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act enacted by US Congress in 2015 requires all MPO’s to publish for public view, an annual listing of projects for which federal funds have been obligated (49 USC Chapter 53, Section 5303). What are project obligations? In order to begin work on any phase of a transportation project, the funds specified for the project must be obligated. This means that the money is set aside for that particular project and associated phases. Work can then be charged to the project, including design expenses, construction, and payroll costs for local or state employees working on the project.

Erie MPO Membership

Voting members are appointed by 16 transportation agencies, authorities and local governments as described in the Erie MPO Bylaws.

The MPO is composed of two standing committees:


How You Can Get Involved

Residents interested in contacting the Erie MPO or taking part in the transportation planning process should contact the Erie County Department of Planning and Community Development at 814-451-7325. As the administrating agency for the Erie MPO, the Department of Planning and Community Development is the primary contact for all questions and comments regarding the MPO and the planning process. You could ask to be added to the Erie MPO email list.

You could also contact your local Erie MPO representative. The membership of the Erie MPO is mostly made up of local elected officials and municipal professionals. Even municipalities that are not directly represented on the MPO are represented through either the Erie County Association of Boroughs or the Erie County Association of Township Officials.

Residents are also welcome to attend an Erie MPO Coordinating Committee meeting. All meetings are open to the public, and every meeting has time on the agenda reserved for public comments.

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