Affordable Housing

Erie County’s Affordable Housing Fund supports projects and activities that enhance the availability, affordability and quality of housing for lower-income residents. Approximately $150,000 is raised annually and made available for distribution on a competitive basis to agencies and organizations. The fund is administered by the Erie County Department of Planning and Community Development.

Application Materials

Program guidelines and application materials for Fiscal Year 2020 will be available on this page in February 2020.


The Pennsylvania “Optional County Affordable Housing Funds Act” (PA Act 137 of 1992) allowed counties to increase its recording fees of deeds and mortgages and use the proceeds to establish an Affordable Housing Fund. In 1999, Erie County Council adopted Ordinance Number 84 establishing the Erie County Affordable Housing Fund in accordance with the provisions of Act 137. The Ordinance took effect on January 1, 2000. Since 2001, nearly $3 million has been raised and distributed to a wide array of groups and organizations to provide affordable housing opportunities for lower-income Erie County residents.