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Priority Listing and Ranking for 2023 HUD Continuum of Care Projects

2023 Continuum of Care Consolidated Application

2023 Notice of Funding Opportunity for the Continuum of Care Competition


HUD has released the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for the 2023 CoC competition. See below.

Current HUD providers who plan on submitting a renewal project application for the 2023 HUD Continuum of Care (CoC) Competition have been notified by email on Tuesday, July 25. While renewal projects can be imported from the 2022 CoC Competition,  all HUD providers with renewals must submit the additional renewal application addendum attached on the renewal email notification. This will be used to provide information needed to rate and rank your application. Renewal project applications are due by Tuesday, August 15, 2023.

For new project applications for the 2023 competition, the amount of CoC bonus funds available are $257,283.  New projects for Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) and Rapid-Rehousing (RRH) will be accepted but the Rating and Ranking committee may give higher priority to the type of permanent housing (PSH or RRH) based on local need. Any provider can apply for the new PSH projects and/or RRH projects and current PSH and RRH providers may apply for expansion grants. All new grants submitted must request at least $50,000 dollars and no more than $257,283 (the CoC bonus). The New Project Bonus application and the New Project addendum are attached above and must be fully completed in order to be eligible. Please read and review the New Project Detailed Instructions for instruction on completing the application.  For the New Project application, you may choose to fill out the PDF or Word doc. The New Project application addendum is only available in Word. All projects will be scored with the 2023 Erie County CoC Rating and Ranking Tool. The Rating and Ranking Committee will accept or reject projects and rate and rank projects submitted. Accepted projects may be submitted with full or partial funding depending on the amount of projects submitted and the amount of funds requested. Providers applying for a new project or new Expansion project need to submit the attached New CoC Bonus Project Application (you can return the PDF or Word application, whichever is easier to fill out) as well as the additional New Project Application Addendum (information required by HUD but in a separate section). Because we have a HUD DV grant that was just launched in December, 2022, we will not be applying for the new DV bonus funds this year.  HUD is requiring all New and Renewal project applications are to be submitted no later than 30 days before the overall application submission deadline of September 28, 2023 (see page 2 of the 2023 NOFO) .  In order to have time to rate and rank projects, new applications must be emailed back to the County (Peter Burke, no later than 5:00 PM on Tuesday, August 21, 2023. Renewal applications are due no later than 5:00 PM on August 15, 2023.

Useful Links:

Instructions for the New 2023 Project Applications:

  1. Read the 2023 HUD CoC NOFA to make certain to understand all requirements.
  2. Fill in your new 2023 HUD CoC project application using the applicable attached template and forward back to me via email. Read the instructions above each section carefully.
  3. Review 24 CFR 578.73 for detailed HUD Match requirements (see COC Program Interim Rule Link above). Please note that match sources for all grant funds must be matched with either cash or In-Kind and must be no less than 25% of project budget except for leasing. For In-Kind services, make sure to include a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) if the services are being provided by a third party. *Remember that match contributions must be actual funds spent or goods/services used for program participants in the HUD-funded program. Match is not funds kept in cash reserves. Make certain that your match contribution is for eligible activities as per 24 CFR Part 578.
  4. Using the links above, complete and sign forms for each project you intend to apply for: HUD 2880, SF-LLL, and HUD 50070.

Documents needed to submit for a new project applications:

  1. Completed 2023 HUD CoC New Project application and New Project Application Addendum.
  2. Match letter dated and signed by agency director.
  3. MOU letters if applicable for In-Kind match.
  4. Completed and signed HUD forms: 2880, SF-LLL, and 50070 – Complete each form for each new project you are applying for.
  5. Proof of nonprofit status.


**This information will also be publicly posted on the Erie Home Team Homeless and Housing Coalition Website**