Blue Zones Project

In 2018, Erie County Department of Health joined with community partners in bringing the Blue Zones Project to the City of Corry. The Blue Zones Project is a nationally known community well-being initiative that works to help residents live healthier, happier lives through sustainable improvements to environment, policy and social connections.

Blue Zones Project works with the Corry community to create an even better place to live, learn, work, play and worship. Corry is the 48th community across 10 states to participate in the Blue Zones Project; it is the first community in Pennsylvania as well as in the northeastern United States. Progress on improving the health and well-being of residents in Cory will be measured by the Gallup Sharecare Well-Being Index.

Blue Zones Project in Corry was made possible through generous contributions from community partners, namely UPMC Hamot, Allegheny Health Network Saint Vincent Hospital, and Corry Memorial Hospital (affiliated with LECOM Health), all of which pledged $1 million over three years. Additional support has come from the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority ($100,000) and from National Fuel ($30,000).

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Blue Zones Project Approved-Worksite

In February 2021, Erie County Government achieved Blue Zones Project Approved-Worksite designation by implementing a number of best practices to improve and support employee well-being.

  • Standing desks are provided to employees who request them
  • Under-desk elliptical machines provided to departments
  • Microbreaks/meditations promoted to employees
  • Blue Zones-inspired food items at restaurants within the County system
  • Tobacco cessation support offered onsite
  • Weight loss classes offered onsite
  • Walking route booklet created for each main building
  • Change. Control. A blood pressure self-monitoring program was implemented
  • Wellness Fair/Blue Zones Project kick-off

With approximately 1,200 employees serving more than 269,728 residents throughout the cities of Erie and Corry, the townships of Millcreek, Harborcreek and Fairview, and the boroughs of Edinboro, North East, Girard, Waterford and Union City, Erie County government is the largest employer in Pennsylvania to become Blue Zones Project Approved, demonstrating how employers can play a significant role in promoting longer, better lives.

The Blue Zones Project worksite pledge promotes evidence-based actions and lifestyle principles that help make the healthy choice the easiest choice for employees. This translates into increased productivity and a potential healthcare cost savings for employers.

Read about how Erie County government became a Blue Zones Project Approved worksite and about the ribbon-cutting ceremony that commemorated this milestone.