Immunizations are provided to prevent the following diseases:

Recommended Immunizations

For Infants

Infants and young children are often at higher risk of serious problems if they get a vaccine-preventable disease. Make sure they get all their immunizations on time, every time.

For Children

Children in child care and school may be exposed to diseases. It is important for their immunizations to be up to date. It’s not too late to catch up. If your child missed any immunizations recommended at younger ages, be sure to catch up now.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health requires certain immunizations for attendance at schools in the state.

For Teens

Teens and young adults should catch up on all missed immunizations to protect themselves and others against disease. In addition to a yearly flu shot, teens should get three vaccines to protect against serious and preventable disease.

Pennsylvania’s immunization requirements for school attendance continue into the teen years.

For Adults

The specific vaccines needed by adults are determined by age, lifestyle, risk conditions, locations of travel and previous vaccines.

Adult immunization also helps prevent the spread of certain diseases to loved ones and those in the community who are most vulnerable to disease (like infants and those with weakened immune systems).

Talk with your doctor to find out which vaccines are right for you.

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