Highway Safety

The Northwest Regional Highway Safety Network is part of the health education division at the Erie County Department of Health. This project is funded by a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education that covers a region of six counties: Erie, Crawford, Forest, Mercer, Venango and Warren.

Highway Safety partners with police departments and other agencies to provide lending materials, trainings and education to various community groups with the goal of reducing the number of highway-related deaths and injuries that occur on northwestern Pennsylvania roadways.

Highway Safety sponsors a variety of programs in the region to educate residents about the importance of safe driving, including:

  • 16 Minutes — information for high school students about impaired driving, youth inexperience, distracted driving, aggressive driving, and seat belt usage.
  • Survival 101 — information for high school students about unsafe driving practices, crash dynamics, consequences and safety measures.
  • Teen Driving Competition — competition for high school students with good driving records.
  • The Back is Where It’s At — information about booster seats, proper use of seatbelts, back seat usage for children, air bag deployment.

Highway Safety also supports enforcement efforts, including Smooth Operator, Click It or Ticket and DUI enforcement programs.

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