Disease Reporting Information for Healthcare Practitioners

All Pennsylvania healthcare practitioners and healthcare facilities are required by law to report certain diseases and conditions to the Pennsylvania Department of Health. This is outlined in Title 28, Chapter 27 (Communicable and Noncommunicable Diseases) of the Pennsylvania Code (28 Pa. Code § 27.1 et seq), and in its 2003 addendum (33 Pa.B. 2439, Electronic Disease Surveillance System).

Disease reporting enables public health follow-up for patients and helps identify outbreaks. This is important for any disease or condition that may require immediate public health intervention. Disease reporting can also help provide a better understanding of disease trends and patterns to support program development, policy decision-making, and resource allocation.

Healthcare practitioners and healthcare facilities must report via PA-NEDSS at NEDSS.state.pa.us.

  • PA-NEDSS is Pennsylvania’s version of the National Electronic Disease Surveillance System.
  • New users can register for PA-NEDSS access by emailing NEDSS@pa.gov.
  • For assistance, contact the PA-NEDSS Help Desk at 717-783-9171 or ra-dhNEDSS@pa.gov.

Refer to the list below, which is updated when necessary by the Erie County Department of Health.

While PA-NEDSS registration approval is pending, reports may be submitted to Erie County Department of Health using the following forms:

For details on submitting forms to ECDH, contact 814-451-6711 or fax 814-451-6767.