Public Health Champion Award

Criteria: The Public Health Champion Award recognizes services by individuals, groups, or agencies that significantly advance the mission of the Erie County Department of Health (ECDH).

Nominations should describe contributions including exceptional initiative and leadership in carrying out projects to improve program operations, unusual acts of competence, outstanding contributions to a committee or group that partners with ECDH, and outstanding efforts to accomplish the ECDH mission.

Nominations should also highlight displays of ability and proficiency, where the results of these efforts are distinctly beneficial to ECDH and/or the community. In all cases, performance should clearly exceed public health expectations.

Justification: The justification for this award should describe the accomplishment which makes the group/individual worthy of recognition by the director of ECDH and the chairperson of the Erie County Board of Health (BOH). It should give examples of collaboration, accountability, partnership, final outcomes, and/or behavior which clearly describe why this award should be bestowed.

Details: Nominations can be taken and awards can be bestowed at any time. Nominations can be submitted to and should include the name of the group/individual that is being nominated and a brief description of the reason for nomination.

A review board, comprised of the director of ECDH and the chairperson of the BOH, considers and recommends the award.

The award is voted on by the BOH at the next meeting.

A certificate of the award is presented to the individual, group, or agency at the annual National Public Health Awareness Week in the following April or whenever appropriate.