About Us



Erie County Department of Health provides public health services and programs for the residents of Erie County, Pennsylvania, such as:

    • Clinics for immunizations, sexual health and tuberculosis
    • Disease prevention program such as disease monitoring, beach water testing, and permitting and inspections of food establishments and wastewater systems
    • Health improvement programs for child and family health and giving talks on health topics.

Through partnerships and coalitions, it also collaborates with counties in the Northwest Pennsylvania region on public health efforts.

History: Erie County Department of Health was established by referendum vote on Nov. 8, 1955, as provided by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Local Health Administration Law (Act 315), and started operations in May 1956.

Vision: The people of Erie County enjoying good health in a safe and healthy environment.

Mission: To preserve, promote and protect the health, safety and well-being of the people and the environment of Erie county.

Motto: Working together, caring for the people and the place we call home…Erie County.


  • Collaboration: We value our culture of participation, building strong partnerships across our agency and within our community.
  • Integrity: We are committed to operating in a manner so that the agency is perceived to be credible, reliable and one on which the community can depend.
  • Ethics: We are accountable, moral and just to ourselves, each other and the public we serve.
  • Quality: Through our individual and collective efforts, we deliver excellence and high value programs and services.
  • Equality: We treat all persons – colleagues and clients – with respect, transparency and sensitivity.

Erie County Department of Health is proud to be nationally accredited by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB).

It meets or exceeds a rigorous, multi-faceted, per-reviewed assessment process and has proven that it has the capacity to continue to evolve, improve and advance, thereby becoming increasingly effective at improving the health of the residents of Erie County.

Erie County Department of Health first received accreditation in 2014. holding the distinction of being the first department in the Common Wealth of Pennsylvania to receive national accreditation. It received its second accreditation in 2021.

Erie County Department Health is a

Erie County Department of Health currently follows the divisions and functions outlined in this Organizational Chart as of 2021.

The County Government Organizational Structure can be found here.

Erie County Department of Health is committed to providing high quality services to the community. Fostering a culture of quality improvement is a top priority and the basis of all the work that is done at the Erie County Department of Health.

To guide its efforts in advancing public health in Erie County, Erie County Department of Health prepares and uses a strategic plan that formalizes organizational processes and work plans to achieve collective goals.