Mail-in and Absentee Ballots

Mail-In vs. Absentee Ballot

What is the difference between a mail-in ballot and an absentee ballot?

  • To qualify for a mail-in ballot you must be registered to vote in Erie County. To request annual mail-in status, refer to the annual request section of your application.
  • To be a qualified absentee voter you must be a registered voter, and either; absent from the municipality on Election Day, or have a physical disability. To apply to be an annual absentee voter, you must obtain a signature from you Doctor on your application.

Annual and Permanent Status

What does annual/permanent status mean, and how does it work?

  • If you completed the annual request on your mail-in or absentee ballot application, you will automatically receive an annual application in February each year.
  • Return the application to our office, and you will automatically receive a ballot for the Primary, and General, or any special election that year.
  • You can cancel your annual/permanent status at any time, by completing and returning the annual/permanent status cancellation form.
  • You must be a registered voter in Erie County to request a ballot from our office.

How to Apply

To apply for a ballot online, you must have a valid PA Driver’s License, or photo I.D. from the PA Department of Transportation (PennDOT). Visit the Ballot Request Application site provided by to request your ballot online.

To obtain a paper mail-in or absentee ballot application, please visit one of the following, or download and print the form:

Return your applications to:

Erie County Voter Registration office
140 W. Sixth Street room 112
Erie Pa, 16501

Track Your Ballot

You can now track your ballot using the Pennsylvania Department of States Ballot tracker, simply enter your information and submit.

Please note: Erie County is partnered with a local printing company to help fulfill the high demand for mailed ballots. Please be advised that the mailed date will be a few days after the one reflected on the Department of States website.

Returning your Ballot

Use the provided instructions for voting your ballot, once complete, you have several options for returning your ballot to the Board of Elections.

  • Mail your ballot – using the provided postage paid envelope. Be sure to complete the Voters declaration.
  • Use the secure drop box, located in front of the Erie County Courthouse. The drop box is available 24/7. Be sure to complete the Voters declaration.
  • Hand deliver your ballot to the Voters Registration office. Be sure to complete the Voters declaration.

The deadline for the Erie County Board of Elections to receive your voted ballot is 8:00 pm on Election Day. Once your ballot has been received, you may not vote at your Poll site.

If you applied for a ballot, but you have not received it, you may vote a provisional ballot at your poll.

If you received your ballot, but do not have enough time to mail it back to the Board of Elections by the deadline, you may:

  • Hand deliver it to the Voter Registration office
  • Use the drop box
  • Surrender all of your balloting materials at your poll site to be voided by the Judge of Elections, and cast your vote at the poll.

Military and Overseas voters

If you are a member of the military or an overseas civilian voter, you have options for how to register and vote.

  • Complete a Federal Postcard Application, this will allow you to register to vote and request a ballot. The United States Department of Defense distributes this form as Federal Form Number 76. Members of the military may submit an application through Election Day, and have a 7-day extension to return a voted ballot. Overseas civilian voters must adhere to the regular deadlines.
  • Complete a Federal Write-in Application, this will allow you to register and vote if there is not enough time to receive and send back your ballot before the election. Use the UMOVA notice to help with determining your vote.