Elections and Voting

Erie County’s Elections and Voting office provides election services, ensuring citizens have equal access to the election process, protecting the integrity of votes, retaining official records, and maintaining a transparent, accurate and fair voting process.

Get unofficial results starting after 8 p.m. on Election Night (Opens in New Window)
Get unofficial results starting after 8 p.m. on Election Night

The Pennsylvania General Assembly and Governor Wolf have modernized the vote in Pennsylvania though Acts 77, 94 and 12. Changes include a “no excuse” Mail-In Ballot and expanded deadlines for the June 2 primary election and beyond. Find out more about the changes in Pennsylvania Elections.

The Pennsylvania Department of State mandated a change to voting systems across the state to include paper backup and massive updates in cybersecurity. The Erie County Election Board conducted an extensive search culminating with the selection of Dominion Voting as the County’s election vendor. Find out more about the County’s paper-based system and related YouTube videos here: How-to of Dominion Voting.

Demonstrations in your community may be found on the County Calendar.

Find out more about the County’s paper based voting system. Watch these videos on Erie County’s Dominion Voting System:

If you wish to arrange a voting demonstration in your community, please call 451-6303 or email dsmith@eriecountypa.gov.

You are also invited to visit the Voter Registration Office, Room 112 of the Erie County Courthouse, and try out the new Dominion Voting system.