Coroner’s Office

The mission of the Coroner’s Office is to investigate sudden, unexplained, unnatural, suspicious or violent deaths so that the truth can be determined as to the cause and manner of death with medical certainty and scientific exactness for families, physicians, hospitals, courts, law enforcement agencies, insurance companies and the community in general.

About the Office

The Erie County Coroner’s Office:

  • Investigates 400 to 500 cases a year
  • Certifies more than 1,400 cremations a year
  • Employs a chief deputy, a full-time deputy and part-time deputies, a secretary, a forensic pathologist and several autopsy technicians.
  • Performs coroner’s autopsies for Erie and 11 other counties in northwestern Pennsylvania
  • Is involved in training for physicians, EMTs, firefighters, police and medical schools
  • Has adjunct staff from numerous forensic fields