Assistance and Complaints

For matters that are handled by other agencies or government offices,

Call 211 or visit

for free information, resources, and guidance

Utility Shut Off Concerns

Water, gas, electricity/power shut offs
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission 800-692-7380

Agriculture, Farms, Animals, and Wild Game

Pet stores, pesticides, hogweed, retail food outside of Erie County, food manufacturing in Erie County
Pennsylvania Game Commission 814-432-3187
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture 814-332-6890
Erie County Humane Society 814-835-8331

Dead animal carcass on streets
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation 814-871-4411

Business and Workplace Concerns

Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry 717-787-5279
Pennsylvania Attorney General 814-871-4371

Amusement park rides
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture 717-787-6772

Childcare, daycare
Pennsylvania Department of Human Services

Day Care Centers 412-565-5728
Child Care Facilities 800-222-2149
Personal Care Homes 412-565-5616

Cosmetology, dentists, funeral homes, professional licensing
Pennsylvania Department of State 800-822-2113

Facilities, hospitals, nursing homes
Pennsylvania Department of Health 724-662-6068

Hotels and motels
Better Business Bureau 877-267-5222

Landlord/tenants issues and disputes
Pennsylvania Attorney General Bureau of Consumer Protection 800-441-2555

Workplace safety
Occupational Safety & Health Association (OSHA) 814-874-5150

Environmental Concerns

Air Quality, air population and asbestos
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection 814-332-6945

Chemical spills and oil spills
National Response Center 800-424-8802

Erosion, sedimentation
Erie County Conservation District 814-825-6403

Pennsylvania Department of Health 800-440-5323

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection 800-237-2366

Residential Concerns

Landlord/Tenants issues and disputes
Pennsylvania Attorney General Bureau of Consumer Protection 800-441-2555

Insects/vermin – bedbugs, cockroaches, rats, etc.
Garbage/trash/rubbish, debris
Nonworking or junk motor vehicles
Poor structure or upkeep (tall grass/weeds, unkempt yards, hoarding, etc.)
Private Pools
Animal/Pet Feces
Stagnant Storm Water


Corry City 814-663-7041
Erie City 814-870-1111


Albion Borough 814-756-3660
Cranesville Borough 814-756-4477
Edinboro Borough 814-734-1812
Elgin Borough 814-664-8674
Girard Borough 814-774-9683
Lake City Borough 814-774-2116
McKean Borough 814-476-1691
Mill Village Borough 814-796-2154
North East Borough 814-725-8611
Platea Borough 814-774-0066
Union City Borough 814-438-2331
Waterford Borough 814-796-4709
Wattsburg Borough 814-739-2048
Wesleyville Borough 814-899-9124


Amity Township 814-438-2296
Concord Township 814-664-2213
Conneaut Township 814-756-4301
Elk Creek Township 814-756-3268
Fairview Township 814-474-5942
Franklin Township 814-734-3521
Girard Township 814-774-4738
Greene Township 814-825-3347
Greenfield Township 814-725-9110
Harborcreek Township 814-899-3171
Lawrence Park Township 814-899-2305
Leboeuf Township 814-796-4095
McKean Township 814-476-7414
Millcreek Township 814-833-1111
North East Township 814-725-8606
Springfield Township 814-922-3274
Summit Township 814-868-9686
Union Township 814-438-3781
Venango Township 814-739-2688
Washington Township 814-734-3117
Waterford Township 814-796-2109
Wayne Township 814-663-1663