County Executive announces fourth confirmed positive case of COVID-19 in Erie County


Melissa J. Dixon

Erie, PA – County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper today announced the fourth positive case of COVID-19 in Erie County. This individual is in their 30s.

Three of the four positive cases in Erie County are connected to known positives.

Erie County Department of Health is investigating all the confirmed cases for their lifestyles, work, locations, daily routines and more.

The health department is aware of a group of individuals who may have been exposed to the confirmed third case and has been in touch with them. They are working closely with them to identify ways in which they can come into compliance with the health department’s requirements after being in contact with someone who is positive.

If members of the public have not been contacted by the health department, there is an extremely low chance they have to be concerned with the current positive cases in Erie County. If contact had been made with any of the individuals who have been identified as a positive case, that individual would have been notified.

Everyone is urged to keep social distancing.

Enforcement of Governor Tom Wolf’s order to close all non-life-sustaining businesses began Monday morning at 8 a.m.

The environmental task force inspectors at the Erie County Department of Health visited 13 locations Monday. The task force is doing everything they can to help local businesses to be in compliance, and they appreciate the cooperation of the public and businesses to this point.

“We urge you: If you have to go to the store, take a list with you, keep social distancing, go into the store, get what you need, and then leave,” Dahlkemper said. “Avoid walking around just to browse.”

Erie County still does not have a full list of businesses with waivers. If businesses not on the life-sustaining businesses list believe they qualify, they can apply for a waiver at under “Resources” on the COVID-19 page.

For any questions or concerns about enforcement, suspicious activity with business operations, or symptoms, the public should contact Erie County Department of Health at 814-451-6700.

The public should call 911 only for life-threatening emergencies. Any 911 calls received related to non-compliant businesses will be asked to contact the health department at 814-451-6700, rather than dispatching local law enforcement resources.

“Finally, I encourage you to be mindful of your neighbors and of yourselves: Please do not to hoard food or supplies; just purchase items as you normally would so everyone has access to necessary supplies,” Dahlkemper said.


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