County Executive announces Erie County CARES funding distribution


Melissa J. Dixon

Erie, PA – County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper, County Council Chairman André R. Horton and County Councilwoman Kim Clear announce the distribution of Erie County CARES funds.

“Congratulations to all of our local organizations who took the time to submit all of the necessary documentation in the application process and were able to receive funding at this time,” Dahlkemper said. “I am proud of the work the joint task force of my administration and Erie County Council has accomplished in order to allocate the $24.4 million appropriately. Because of their judicious work, we were able to reduce costs in a number of areas, which has enabled us to open up for a second round of applications in a few programs.”

The funds have been distributed as follows, and a list of names will be available at by the end of October.

Erie County CARES Nonprofit Assistance Grant Program:

  • 104 organizations have been granted a total of $4,270,510
  • Grant awards range from $2,000 – $100,000 per organization
    • 12 Arts, Culture and Humanities organizations
    • 8 Community Capacity organizations
    • 21 Education organizations
    • 8 Emergency Response organizations
    • 4 Environmental or Animal-Related organizations
    • 10 Health organizations
    • 29 Human Services organizations
    • 12 Religious Institutions
  • A second round will open soon; details to come.

Erie County CARES Small Business Assistance Grant Program:

  • 181 small businesses have been granted a total of $5,725,000
  • Grant awards range from $5,000 – $75,000

Erie County CARES Municipal Reimbursement Program:

  • 17 municipalities are receiving a total of $399,725.84
  • Reimbursement request amounts ranged from $445 to $199,432
  • A second round will open soon; details to come.

Erie County CARES PPE for Small Business Program:

  • 85 applications for PPE kits received requesting 118 kits
  • Applicants will be contacted by Erie County Department of Public Safety to schedule pickup in October.
  • A second round will open soon; details to come.

“Help and hope have been granted to so many of Erie County’s small businesses, nonprofits, volunteer fire departments and municipalities because of the CARES Act funding,” said Clear. “Although there are still difficult times ahead, Erie County’s citizens are resilient, and Erie County government will continue to work to meet the needs of those who have been affected by the events of 2020.”

Full details about all of the programs created through the COVID-19 County Relief Block Grant can be found at

By the end of October, a dashboard will also be accessible on The dashboard is an ArcGIS Hub, which will graphically present how the Erie County CARES dollars are being used in real time.

“County Council is pleased to partner with the administration in getting funds out to those in need,” said Horton. “We look forward to the second round.”

Erie County was one of 60 counties in Pennsylvania eligible to apply to the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development’s COVID-19 County Relief Block Grant Program, and the County received $24,358,828 on July 15, 2020.


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