Community College Plan

Erie County was acting as the local sponsor for a community college application, which was under consideration by the Pennsylvania Board of Education. The board, in evaluating the county’s application for a community college, consulted closely with the Governor’s Office and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

On July 8, 2020, the Pennsylvania State Board of Education officially voted 10-5 for the establishment of the Erie County Community College.

As of Aug. 31, 2020, Erie County Council has seated the full board of trustees, which was formally put forth by County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper:

  • Ronald DiNicola, Esquire – District 1, Kimberly Clear
  • Annette Wagner, MD – District 2, André R. Horton
  • Cheryl Rush Dix – District 3, Mary Rennie
  • Rev. Dr. Charles Mock – District 4, Carl Anderson III
  • Justin M. Gallagher – District 5, Brian Shank
  • David E. Mitchell – District 6, Scott Rastetter
  • Tom Benson – District 7, Ellen Schauerman
  • Kathryn J. Sintal – County Executive Dahlkemper
  • Christina M. Vogel – County Executive Dahlkemper

Now that the board of trustees has been seated, the Erie County Community College is officially an independent entity. The board will have an official website for all information moving forward, by the end of 2020. Until that website is established, Erie County will host this information.

View the application timeline and supporting documents on Erie County’s Community College Announcement.